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 Sat May 23rd - Chicago, IL 



Sonny Markham nude on weightlifting bench press machines with hardcock

Sonny Markham nude on weightlifting bench press machines with hardcock

lifting dumbells and barbells during muscular dick workout with shaved body

lifting dumbells and barbells during muscular dick workout with shaved body

goosebumps on nipples as his dickshaft is pumped to a climactic semen finish

goosebumps on nipples as his dickshaft is pumped to a climactic semen finish



The story centers around an archeological team's search for greater knowledge of myths and mysteries of ancient Indian religious rites. Handled with sensitivity, humor, respect and honesty that is rare in the greater film industry. It is fictional and erotic but it could have been real!

Some spectacular outdoor sex in the hills and mountains of the high desert north of Los Angeles. Produced by Scott Masters. Directed by John Travis.


The search for the hottest Glory Holes in the United States continues as we blow into the "Windy City". In Chicago we discover plenty of juicy meat being put through the city's best Glory Holes. Join our host Hairy Hole a.K.A. Chris Steele as he takes us around Chicago to find the best action packed holes the city of Chicago has to offer! In Glory Holes of Chicago you will learn the best hard-core action is always close to the holes. We have the hottest guys from all around the world that meet up for some of the hottest action in Chicago! We observe Sailors, Pilots, Businessmen, Muscle Men, Jocks and many other sex crazed men at their best. This video is a cock lovers dream cum true! The men are both cut and uncut and they go one on one, three-way and even an all out dickfest with many guys. The tops are fucking at their best and bottoms are getting every inch of what they deserve! The dicks are hard, the asses are nice and tight and the action is non-stop! This feature video in the Glory Hole series is a must to have to ensure the ultimate ejaculation!today!!


Last Fall STUDIO 2000 packed its gear and, along with key members of its production staff headed east to that great big town on that great big lake in the heart of the Midwest , Chicago, where with today's No. 1 Rising young gay adult superstar, Sonny Markham, we produced what is our most superior celebration of male sexuality to date??In Man's Country. Up on Chicago's North Side, not far from Lake Michigan, is one of American's last great bath houses. Man's Country. Harkening back to those memorable palaces where the likes of Bette Midler could hold center stage one night only to be followed the next by the naughtiest and most outrageous celebrations of the downest and dirtiest sex imaginable, Man's Country is three floors of affirmation that post?Plague safe sex can bring people together for great nights of entertainment, play and, oh, yes, the very best that men can offer one another sexually, and that safe can be just the best there is. In Man's Country is Sonny Markham's story as told and remembered by Sonny on the night of his twenty-fourth birthday. For Sonny, Man's Country plays a very important part in the things that have happened to him since he came of age. As he remembers, it all really started exactly three years ago, the night that he and Adam Rom celebrated his all?important twenty-first birthday. Nothing much was happening that night until Adam gave Sonny his gift, a pass to Man's Country. Reluctant yet drawn, Adam's encouragement finally wins the night and Sonny, with fear and trembling, with fascination and more than a little bit of lust, enters a special world devoted to the pursuit of sex, where the hunter and the hunted, the predator and his prey are exclusively and joyously male. As Sonny tries to choose between keeping his clothes on and looking out of place or stripping to just a towel and being totally embarrassed, he discovers two very hot young guys in the shower testing their tonsils. Body-perfect Chris Ramsey has a serious lip lock on hot and handsome Tony Cameron's super-hard cock and their action has transported them out of Man's Country into something like Seventh Heaven. Sonny and Adam watch. Sonny's libido and Adam's gentle persuasion soon lead them back in the locker room where they try the things that they have just witnessed. Sonny's dick takes to it immediately and the rest of him soon follows When Tony and Chris are ready to exit the showers, they are stopped by the sight of these two exceptional young guys lost in lust and happily sharing their bodies and their sexuality with intense pleasure The sight soon has Tony and Chris up and running as they return to the shower room for additional release.


Our friends at Mr. Webster's place offer a number of suggestions for breaking the code when searching for the meaning of "maverick." Among their various definitions are: a calf or yearling found without its owner's brand; a masterless person; one who is roving or casual; and something acquired illegally. Well, the possibilities are obvious and just about endless and that could be the reason that STUDIO 2000 is calling its latest blockbuster release Mavericks. In the mountain range running along the coast of California, Buck (played by one of S713DIO 2000's new exclusive superhunks Pagan Prince) owns a handsome and lush ranch. Buck is something of a maverick himself as his lover happens to be a guy (played by the hard?bodied yet voluptuous Beau Saxon) which runs a bit counter to the standard for this part of the world. Furthermore, Buck staffs his spread with men like himself: openly gay, proud, private, strong, committed, and independent. Five years of hard work has earned Buck and his men a solid place in the community where he can find friends and support??and a few men whose sexual preferences are similar to his own. When the ranch adjacent to Buck's land is purchased by a hard?drinking, hard?working and very homophobic dude by the name of Morgan (introducing Bo Garrett??hard, mean and super sexual), the battle lines are drawn??a battle of the sex that involves the ranch foreman, Johnny (GQ handsome and greatly favored by the gods of fertility and another STUDIO 2000 exclusive superhunk Mark Montana), a young ranchhand, Chris (stud?puppy fresh, frisky totally lovable and also another new STUDIO 2000 exclusive superhunk, Sonny Markham), the deputy sheriff (sexually awesome Trent Reed), the local high school football coach (California golden Scott Randsome), saloon keeper (lithe and luscious Tony Piagi) and the damnedest collection of hot, hard and hung ranchhands west of the Rockies (all?stars Chad Donovan, Rob Cryston, J. T. Sloan, and Chad Connors). That's Mavericks. It's pretty obvious that STUDIO 2000 has been working night and day (oh, those long nights of hard work!) to bring you something totally awesome and totally wild with Mavericks. The stops have been pulled and pulled. And pulled hard. A succulent trio of brand?new, never?seen?before superhunks??each totally different from the other and each totally desirable??and each a STUDIO 2000 exclusive. It's like sitting down to a feast of prime rib, lobster and pheasant??all in the same meal. The first of Mavericks newcomers that we meet is Mark Montana, dark, exotic, romantic and terrifically handsome. Heathcliffe and Galahad combined in a 21st Century man. Mark is easy going and smooth as rich caramel. He's all man. One look and you're in Marlboro country and you can almost smell the masculine aroma from the visual image. Yeah, Mark is all man and almost a yard long.


Trying it On For Size, the latest release from STUDIO 2000, is a porn lover's dream. Short on dialogue and with just enough plot to tie the episodes together, the show is virtual wall-to-wall sex. And, with the kind of sex that you get in this video, that's just fine. The studio has gathered together some of the best adult video performers in the business, put them together in fresh and steamy combinations in lush settings and encouraged them to "go to it". To say that the results are hot is like saying that Arnold is big. It's true but it doesn't begin to tell the story. The guys in Trying ft On For Size take to one another like fire takes to wood and the white heat that arises out of the couplings just grows and intensifies until all is consumed and nothing much is left but glowing embers where rigid woodies once stood, proud, erect and yearning for a good licking. This isn't to say that there isn't a story. How can you have a STUDIO 2000 video without a story. But it's fight and breezy and certainly doesn�t 't get in the way of the hard dicks that keep entering into things. Two lovers own a house beautiful which they have agreed to rent to a fashion photographer for some work. One lover takes off on a business trip leaving the other to keep an eye on things and protect the valuables. Some of the valuables, including the lover, get used to the max but when it's all over and the traveling lover returns, everything is as good as, if not better than, ever. The show opens as Sonny Markham's lover, Buck Phillips finishes his preparation for a business trip and bids Sonny a loving goodbye. The action switches to a photographic studio where ace photographer, Scott Sims, is busy capturing supermodel Johnny Hanson in some sharp, high-fashion street wear. Then it's time for underwear shots and Scott manages to piss Johnny off by suggesting Johnny might use a little crotch padding to help sell the merchandise. The photographer takes a break and Johnny fumes. He feels that he has more than enough equipment to handle any job. Assistant Adam Wilde is inclined to agree with Johnny and he proceeds put theory into practice. The experiment proves that Johnny can certainly rise to the occasion and has what it takes to fill the biggest demands and maybe just a little bit more. At the same time, Adam proves a master at handling the big challenge, swallowing a triple-sized knockwurst and opening up for a battering ram that challenges the very concept of stretch. The next day Scott shows up for a shoot at Sonny's house with the props (gym equipment), clothes (workout togs), fights, camera and the strikingly handsome Gianfranco. However, there is a hitch. The session calls for two models. The other guy is nowhere to be found and there doesn't seem to be any satisfactory last minute replacements available. Rather than cancel, Gianfranco and Scott press Sonny into filling in. Reluctance is overcome by fascination and with the help of the others, Sonny becomes model-for-a-day. Sonny and Gianfranco, hit it off right away and their bonding produces an after?session scene that introduces us to some new aspects of these two studs considerable talents (more about this a little later). Another day, another shoot and another problem. While Scott is off solving an equipment hitch, Dino DiMarco and Nic Russell are left to their own devices. After a couple of moments of politeness, they forget the "de" and concentrate on the "vices" as they tear into each other like the man-eating animals they are. The lusty scent of man sex is in the air and it doesn't take long for the sex-sensitive French nose of Carl Erik to sniff it out. Wherever Carl Erik is there is a large, hard sex tool ready and throbbing for hole plundering action. The heated twosome quickly becomes a threesome of boiling intensity as Dino and Carl match each other stroke for stroke, pounding away at Nic until they are all driven to an orgy of orgasmic release. The photo sessions are over and normalcy returns to the house. And Buck returns from his trip. Evening finds Sonny and Buck celebrating in one of their favorite spots, the waterfall grotto Jacuzzi in their back yard. The homecoming is consummated in a lovemaking scene that is tender and passionate, easy and intense, and as mind-blowing and ball busting as only a relationship with deep feelings can be. After the sex, Sonny confesses his aberrant behavior to Buck who accepts it because he loves and trusts Sonny. That wise decision is followed by another decision. The guys retire to the bedroom and continue their lovemaking. That's the story of Trying ft On For Size but that story doesn't tell the real story. To do that, we have to come back to the sex and the sexperts; who give it to us-raw, randy and ready for sensual pleasures. We use the plural because this sex is so good that you can almost feel and taste as well as see and hear the sensational action. And speaking of sex, we need to get back to that scene between Sonny and Gianfranco. There are a couple of noteworthy firsts in this scene that need to be called to your attention. A couple of industry watchdogs (our friends, the press) have shook their heads in despair because Sonny didn't suck cock. Well, they are very wrong about that?very wrong indeed! Sonny does suck cock. He sucks it very well. He sucks it so well that it hurts just writing about it. And when you see it in this scene, you'll feel like jumping in fine to be next-no matter how long you have to wait. We considered beginning this release with a banner headline "Sonny sucks!" but decided against it because we didn't want to give the wrong impression about one of the nicest and hottest guys in the business. Another unusual thing in this scene is seeing Gianfranco getting fucked. Not something he does often but he wanted to work with Sonny so much that he was willing to do it all. The feeling was mutual between these two stallions and the results certainly show it. This is also the first time off the Falcon backlot for both Johnny Hanson (a true Italian Stallion-horse cocked, high strung and always in heat) and Carl Erik (the latest in a long fine of French Canadians with intense passions, insistent and relentless masculine sexuality, and big dicks that make you know they are there). We appreciate getting them and we hope you like our take on these two studs. Trying ft On For Size. It's a title with a lot of implications and meanings. And most of them fit this video. We hope you will try it. We know you will like it because it's going to fit like a glove, and that's the best way to get off!


STUDIO 2000's Fall superhit is certain to be Workin' It Out. It stars the wonderful Sonny Markham??new and much improved from his stint in the leading role in Making Porn off?Broadway at the Actor's Playhouse in New York. He followed Ryan Idol in that role and played it until just before coming out to the West Coast to do our show. The Producer says that Sonny is the best actor and performer that they have had in the role. And that says a lot. Guess who is the coverman for the 1998 Adam Gay Video Directory? You got that right. SONNY MARKHAM! The central setting for Workin' It Out is a popular bar in a cosmopolitan city. When we watched the early cuts on this show, we were struck with the fact that this may be the first time that the atmosphere and feeling of a gay bar has ever been successfully captured on film or video??the whirl and swirl, the highs and lows, the sublime and some of the ridiculous, but most especially, the sexuality that seems to permeate the very air of a really happening bar. The show opens just before closing time as the late night regulars celebrate last cad and pair off. Refusing a date with Rhett Powers, a guy he has been seeing regularly, head bartender Sonny is left alone. Or so he thinks. As he begins to dose up he finds himself in the arms of a malingerer with a well?planned attack. Soon hot newcomer Joey Morelli is turning Sonny every way but loose and Sonny steely boner is ample evidence that while this encounter may be casual, it is certainly intense. These two go together like paper and glue. And it's enough to make one come unglued. The next morning bar?owner Trent Reed sends barback Kurt Stefano off to get some special supplies for the Anniversary Party that night, clearing the way for his close encounter with liquor deliveryman Kyle McKenna. It's wonderful to have our big?dicked sex maniac Trent back for one more time. Trent lays it to Kyle big time. And Kyle can take it and take it and take it??big time. If you haven't seen Kyle before now, now you must. This big beefy beauty is a sight for hungry eyes with an ass that won't quit and that can just never get enough. Afternoon finds Kurt and bartender Kevin Cobain putting up the decorations for the party. Kevin is expecting a buddy in for a visit??but not for a few hours??so he convinces Kurt to hold down the fort while he heads over to the park to catch a few rays. That's what he says. Honest. Kurt doesn't believe him either. And he was wrong about the friend too. He arrives shortly after Kevin leaves. Kevin, with limited time, wastes none of it, and soon finds a private spot and someone with tasty privates. Kevin and Kyle Hunter get back to nature in a most compelling way. Another Kyle with another lovely and luscious ass??creamy smooth, lush and ripe, firm and flexible and the perfect home for a hungry pole in need of a hole. Kevin Cobain is another wonderful STUDIO 2000 exclusive and we are most pleased to say that this young man has a very big dick??very big indeed. And it becomes amazingly rigid. It is always as steely hard as most people are just before climaxing and as you watch it thrust way in and then pull way out you're bound to sweat up a big load??just like they do. At first Kurt can't figure out what to do with Kevin's friend, Steve O'Donnell. Then he realizes that Steve has one helluva pile driver. And Kurt has just the right things for a big pile driver??a hot, wet mouth and a hotter and wetter butthole. Quick as a wink these two are busy driving us over the edge once again as they add hard action to an "afternoon delight." It's late evening again at the bar. A special performance by Batperson Alec Powers and STUDIO 2000's other golden exclusives "To Die For" Rick Chase and "Tailspinnin'" Jeff White brings the evening to a climax. Riding on the success of the party, Sonny decides that it's time to call in some debts and take a little vacation??with his friend Rhett. Away from the city, surrounded by the beauty of nature and with a handsome hunk like Rhett, Sonny begins to waver in his conviction that bartending and relationships don't mix. Rhett is very persuasive and he knows all the buttons to push to convince Sonny that there's more to sex that meets the eye. Workin' It Out. It's a title with a lot of meanings. You'll find that most of them apply quite aptly to this show which is bound to be one of the Hot Ones for the FALL.


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